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Reconstruction in Buckingham County, Part II  

Courtesy Bibb Edwards

In the spring of 1867, Lt. Col. John W. Jordan provided Gen. Orlando Brown of the Freedman’s Bureau with a list of men, both white and African-American, whom he felt were qualified to lead the Buckingham County through the post-war Reconstruction.

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Here are the names he provided:


Thomas H. Garnett, Curdsville

Thomas Leitch, New Canton

J. B. Finklin, New Canton

A. J. Bondurant, Mt. Vinco

John R. Gilliam, New Store

Dr. E. C. [Charles] Davidson, Court House


John Scott, Curdsville

Woodson Washington, Rock Mills

Cesar Perkins, Court House

Solomon Brown, Curdsville

John Stanton, New Canton

Peter Fontaine, New Canton


Lt. Col. Jordan had searched far and wide for evidence that these men had not been in favor of the secession of Virginia from the Union that they supported the new freedoms imposed by Federal law and believed them all to be fit to serve in governmental duties.

Who were the men who made up this diverse list? If a Slate River Ramblings’ reader recognizes any of these names, please comment below.  In the posts that follow, their biographies and their forays into the challenging and evolving public sphere will be explored.

A special thanks to Bibb Edwards for sharing this important document.

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