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Buckingham County: The Duncan Family

Marcus M. Duncan (1808–1864).

Mardisville Cemetery. Talladaga, Alabama. Courtesy

In 2017, Slate River Ramblings published posts about the Clay family and their home, Pleasant Grove.

At that time, Slate River Ramblings reader Dave Duncan commented with more information about Junius Clay, who became the guardian for Duncan orphans in Buckingham County.

This handwritten note was found on the back of a letter dated Oct. 1, 1921, Violet Bank Studio, Petersburg, VA.

I wish I could give you the information desired as to George Duncan. This is all I know. My grandfather Marcus Monroe Duncan was the son of George Duncan. He was born in Buckingham Co., VA. He & his brother George & sister Eliza were left orphans at an early age, Mr. Junius Clay being guardian. The Buckingham records were destroyed & our family Bible burned. I think my gr. gr. grandfather was also George Duncan of Albemarle or Fluvanna Co.—his wife Ann & his lands on both sides of the river— Hardware, I think. The family tradition is that he was a Rev. soldier. So he would probably be listed from one of those 3 counties as a soldier.

Thanking you for any trouble,

Sincerely yours,

Alice V. D. Pierrepont.

When Marcus M. Duncan died in 1864, Junius Clay was married and about sixty-years old.

Does a Slate River Rambling reader know what became of the Duncan orphans or more about the life and death of Marcus M. Duncan?