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Buckingham History: William G. Shepard


Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute

Over the twentieth century, several individuals contributed significantly to the history of Buckingham County. Each  had their special interests. Some, including Lulie Patteson and Mrs. R. J. Wojnicki, wrote for daily newspapers. Others, including Rosa Williams and Elizabeth McCraw, focused on places in Buckingham and contributed to the Virginia Historical Inventory.

Another Buckingham historian, William Gamaliel Shepard, published numerous articles in William and Mary Quarterly. Keenly aware of losses due to the Buckingham Courthouse fire, he was particularly interested in preserving the contents of original documents, many of which had survived in his family papers. His multipart article tracing the history of Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute is invaluable. During 1937, Shepard also served as an informant for several Virginia Historical Inventory surveys, again providing details about his family homes and surviving papers.

Like so many other aspects of Buckingham County’s history, the works of these individuals are scattered far and wide, and many are destroyed. But all is not lost! A biographical essay of William Gamaliel Shepard can now be found in “At a Place Called Buckingham,” Volume Two.