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Peter Field Jefferson & Lost Jeffersons

Peter Field Jefferson: Dark Prince of Scottsville

Beginnings at Snowden

The Birth of Scottsville on the James River

Peter Field Jefferson Takes a Bride

The Ongoing Responsibility of Snowden

The Loss of Snowden

Owned and Operated by Peter Field Jefferson.

The Old Tavern

The James River and Kanawha Canal

Scottsville: Boom Town

Snowden For Sale

Dark Prince of Scottsville

Peter Field Jefferson’s Last Will

Albemarle Mills

The Accident

Imbecile of Mind

Jane W. Jefferson, widow

A Dubious Legacy

Lost Jeffersons

Thomas Jefferson, Jr.: The Enigmatic Jefferson

Isham Randolph Jefferson: “A Striking Resemblance”

James Lilburne Jefferson: A Young Man Adrift

Anna Scott Jefferson: The Rise and Fall of the Nevils of Nelson County

Elbridge Gerry Jefferson: Surrogate Son of Peter Field Jefferson

Lilburne Lewis: Virginia Gentry Gone Wrong

Jefferson Myths

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