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January 11, 2013 / Joanne Yeck

The Ghost of Humanity Hall

Humanity-Hall_Elizabeth Hales Holmanphoto by Joanne Yeck

Coz. Harry writes that during the restoration of Humanity Hall the presence of a young woman was seen in the very back room of the main floor. He suggests a Holman as a possible candidate for the specter.

Elizabeth Hales Holman (1814-1841), who married Ambrose Ford, died in childbirth or shortly thereafter. She was buried at Humanity Hall in what was once the rose garden in front of the house, her grave marked by a magnificent marble, table-top marker. As you can see by the photo, Elizabeth’s marker has seen better days.

Perhaps, she would like her grave site repaired and the roses reestablished.

Please send more ghosts stories or other candidates for the Humanity Hall apparition. There must be many Buckingham ghosts just dying to get five minutes of fame on the Internet!


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  1. Joyce / Jan 11 2013 4:49 pm

    How sad; she was just 17 years old! Life was pretty uncertain for women in those days.

    • Joanne Yeck / Jan 11 2013 5:05 pm

      Joyce, I’m glad you did the math! Elizabeth’s death should read 1841 and I’ve fixed it. This makes her twenty-seven at the time of her death. Still too young. Life was indeed uncertain, especially for women.

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