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March 31, 2013 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County: African American Neighbors

Central Virginia Historical Researchers

Families rarely stay within one county and frequently spill over into adjacent ones.  Those of us who conduct research in Buckingham are fortunate that Albemarle, Cumberland, Fluvanna, Nelson, and Prince Edward counties have substantial surviving records. Often important data is unearthed in an adjacent county.  For example, I broke through my Woodson brick wall when it was discovered that my John T.L. Woodson was named as the grandson of Tarlton Woodson in an Albemarle land deed.

In Albemarle County, a group called Central Virginia History Researchers (CVHR) is exploring various aspects of slave and free African-American life. CVHR includes a diverse collection of members who have decades of historical, genealogical, anthropological, and archaeological experience. Some members focus on their own families; others use family history to illuminate social and cultural history.

Drop in at their African-American Families Database and learn how CVHR approaches research. You just might find a nugget that applies to your ancestors!

 African-American Families Database

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