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June 30, 2013 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Churches: Rocky Mount Church


Courtesy Historic Buckingham

One of the nineteen Buckingham County churches existing when Thomas Baldwin published the Gazetteer of the United States (1854) was Rocky Mount Church founded in 1788.  In 1936, Rosa Garnett Agee Williams surveyed the structure for the Virginia Historical Inventory. Mrs. Williams wrote:

This church building is not very large and very poorly constructed, but a great favorite among the members of the Methodist churches of Buckingham. Something about the old church that is very fascinating is that it was built of heart pine, hand sawed timbers, with shop made nails and wooden pegs. . . A stove is in this church that was placed there when the church was first organized, a very large, square iron stove, has warmed five generations.

A photograph accompanied Mrs. Williams’ prose, rare among the Buckingham surveys.  The image can viewed online, part of the digital collection of the Library of Virginia: Rocky Mount Church

Is the church above, drawn by Dr. Margaret Pennington, an elaboration of the same simple building photographed by Mrs. Williams?

To catch up on previous posts concerning the Buckingham County churches included in the 1854 Gazetteer, just type Gazetteer in the search box at Slate River Ramblings.  Then, enjoy the results!

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