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July 22, 2013 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Mysteries: Horace Greeley, Part Two


Horace Greeley

Finally, it was Horace Greeley’s grandchildren who managed to stake their claim on their Buckingham land.

Did the promised pot of gold ever materialize?

The following appeared in the Inland Printer (April 1912–September 1912):


After litigation lasting twenty-one years the three surviving grandchildren of Horace Greeley – Dr. Horace Greeley, Nixola Greeley Smith, the writer, and Ida Greeley Smith, of East Orange, New Jersey—have been reinstated in possession of a farm consisting of 500 acres at Buckingham Court House, Virginia.  The farm, which is worth about $12,000, has been held by the Rev. Frank M. Clendenin, of Westchester, who got title to it by paying $12 in back taxes when the three grandchildren of the distinguished journalist were infants.  The Rev. Mr. Clendenin married a daughter of Horace Greeley.  Judge Hundley held that the tax title was invalid, and that the grandchildren were the rightful heirs.  — (signed) Fourth Estate.

For Part One: Buckingham Mysteries: Horace Greeley and Buckingham Gold

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