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October 9, 2013 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County: Crime Report


Charlie Chaplin’s Immortal Tramp

While Buckingham County is and has been a peaceful place to live, occasionally, there is mischief and wrong doing. This incident was reported in the Richmond Dispatch, October 12, 1902. 

Caught a Thief: Then Gave Him Cakes

Mr. R. M. Booth, manager for the Gold Hill Trading Company, at Gold Hill, captured a thief in his store a few evenings since. Mr. Booth stepped out of the store for a few moments, locking the front doors and leaving the back door next to the dwelling house open.  When he returned a tramp was in the store and within a few feet from the cash drawer.  Mr. Booth was unarmed, but had the presence of mind to throw his hand to his pistol or hip pocket and order the man to throw up his hands, which he did. After the tramp had been searched and nothing belonging to the store found on his person, he was given some cakes and ordered to move on, which, he did at once.

lt is supposed the man was a “hangeron” of the circus that exhibited at White Hall and New Canton.

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