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November 24, 2013 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Churches: Enon Baptist Church


Enon Baptist Church, Courtesy Historic Buckingham

One of the nineteen churches included in Thomas Baldwin’s Gazetteer of the United States (1854), Enon Baptist Church was founded in 1832. According to The Courthouse Burned Book I:

Enon was first established as Mt. Tabor in 1832.  At first it was a log building. In 1838 a new building was built and the name was changed to Enon.  In 1854 changes were made to enlarge the church and in 1872 a Bapistry using rain water channeled from the roof was constructed.  Essentially the building remained the same until 1940 when it burned to ashes….

Land for the original church is believed to have been donated by Pemberton Dunnevant.  Land for the Cemetery was given by Peter Alexander Forbes.  Dancy McCraw is reputed to have been the builder of the church that burned.

To catch up on previous posts featuring Buckingham County churches included in the 1854 Gazetteer, just type Gazetteer in the search box at Slate River Ramblings. Enjoy the results!

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