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January 25, 2014 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Mystery: Riverside Library


TIMES-DISPATCH, 29 July 1906

According to a brief mention in the Howardsville news, printed in the Times-Dispatch on July 29, 1906: “The Riverside Library has recently had 1,500 volumes of books sent it by a library in Cincinnati. Some of these will be given to the library at Buckingham Courthouse.”

No donor was named in the Times-Dispatch; however, at the time, Mrs. Hartley Cabell (born Margaret “Meta” Polk Logan) and her husband lived in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Is this a subsequent donation by Mrs. Cabell, following her initial gift, in the spring of 1901, of several thousand volumes to Buckingham County?

Can a Slate River Rambling reader confirm that Riverside Library was across the James River in Howardsville, Albemarle County?

We are still hoping to discover the location of the Buckingham County library c. 1901 – 1906.  Any leads would be appreciated.

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Special thanks to Coz. Mary Carolyn for the new clue in this on-going mystery.

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