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February 6, 2014 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Schools: Rev. Thomas N. Johnson

From Godey's Lady's Book, July, 1850

Godey’s Lady’s Book, July, 1850

In 1850, Baptist minister, Rev. Thomas N. Johnson, advertised in the Richmond newspapers:

WANTED. – A young lady qualified to take charge of a school of 10 or 12 children, in a healthy neighborhood.  For particulars address the Rev. Thomas Johnson, Mount Vinco, Buckingham.

Was Rev. Johnson in search of teacher for his own children a few others from the neighborhood?  Did he have plans to start a school of his own?  In 1850, there were many thriving schools in Buckingham County including John Claiborne’s Oak Grove Academy, Elijah G. Hanes’ Humanity Hall Academy, and Homer Male Seminary at Physic Springs.

In 1850, Rev. Johnson lived modestly, with his four young children, ages 11–5.  His immediate neighbor was the wealthy and prominent Thomas M. Bondurant. That year Johnson’s property was valued at $1,800; Bondurant’s was valued at $77,400.

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