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February 14, 2014 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County: Crime Report

In December of 1858, a Buckingham County correspondent to Richmond’s The Daily Dispatch, reported the following shocking news:


New Store, Buckingham County

December 4th, 1858

This village has two stores, a church, some half dozen private dwelling houses, &c.  Last Thursday night an attempt was made to break in the store of Messrs. C. D. McKinney & Bro. Two holes were bored through the door, with the intention, doubtless, of raising a bar, which was placed across the door, to keep it shut.  But for some cause, the person or persons, desisted from their undertaking.

Charles D. McKinney was also the postmaster at New Store and the father of future Virginia Governor, Philip Watkins McKinney (1832-1899).

The church mentioned is likely New Store Presbyterian Church.


New Store Presbyterian Church
Courtesy Historic Buckingham

The Buckingham County Correspondent went on to tell news of possible arson:

A few days ago, “the old Academy” owned by Mr. W.D. Jones, was destroyed by fire; and another house, standing near was also set on fire, but it was discovered in time to be saves—evidently the work of an incendiary, as it could be seen were straw was brought from a stack to the houses.

Was the old Academy at New Store? Can a Slate River Ramblings reader identify it and its Principal?

Coming Next: New Store and W.D. Jones

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