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April 7, 2014 / Joanne Yeck

Daniel Guerrant’s Tavern


Slate River Ramblings_Guerrant_Tavern


In 1832, Daniel Guerrant advertised his tavern near Buckingham Courthouse for rent or lease. He is likely the same man who married the widow Elizabeth (Putney) Moseley. His offer read as follows:

FOR RENT OR LEASE – My Tavern in Maysville, at Buckingham Court-house; the buildings are spacious and well calculated for a public house. There is attached to the Tavern a convenient family house, and the other necessary out buildings, a well of excellent water and an extensive garden; the stables contains upwards of fifty stalls, situated at a convenient distance from the Tavern, on a lot of one and a half acres of ground. I would rent or lease the property for one or more years, as may best suit a tenant, and give possession on the first day of January next.

                                                                                                DANIEL GUERRANT

Maysville, August 31.

Is this the same tavern operated by a man named Daniel Guerrant in 1805 and 1811? Guerrant also held ordinary licenses in 1829, 1830, and 1831. Was one of his establishments called the Raleigh?

From more about Guerrant’s tavern(s), see Thomas Jefferson Slept Here


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