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June 16, 2014 / Joanne Yeck

Tucker School Revisited


Tucker School (c. 1890), Revis Leigh (Baber) Eckler Collection, Courtesy Carole Jenson


Back Row:  Second from left, Hay Norvell; third from right, Fanny Norvell.

Center Row:  Third from left, Julia A. (Tapscott) Moseley, teacher; fourth from left, Gracie Norvell; fifth from left, Julia B. Tapscott; sixth from left, Allan Walker Tapscott; far right, Lily Leigh Norvell.

Front Row:  Far left, Bernard Miller Norvell; second from left John Hal Norvell.

Today’s post doesn’t merely provide Slate River Ramblings readers with a superior image of the class at Tucker School, c. 1890, it also demonstrates the important results of sharing personal collections.  Buckingham County researchers Jeremy Winfrey and Carole Jensen continue to pool and compare their resources concerning families living near Diana Mills and Sharps Creek in northeastern Buckingham County.  Both families saved this particular photo.  As it turned out, Carole’s was in much better condition.  Click here to compare it to the Winfrey family copy: Tucker School.

Not only is the Winfrey photo significantly more deteriorated, but the owner, Julia B. Tapscott, had scratched out her own face, presumably displeased with her photo.

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