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July 14, 2014 / Joanne Yeck

 Rosny Revised


The post of the Guthrie family at Rosny resulted in a flurry of comments and corrections.

Remembering her youthful visits to Rosny, Mary Carolyn Mitton recalled a rhyme taught to her by her Grandpa Spencer. It cleverly preserved family history, chanting the names of the children of Rev. John J. Spencer:

“Albert Sidney, Robert Lee,

John Y., Willie T.,

Minnie Walker, Nannie Byrl,

Mary Frances, Alice Pearl”

The family’s allegiance to Confederate heroes is apparent in their choice of the names Albert Sidney and Robert Lee. Three of the siblings are pictured above: Mary Frances “Dixie” (Spencer) Guthrie, John Yancey Spencer, and Mildred “Minnie” Walker Spencer.

Coming Next: Rev. John J. Spencer (1840–1919)

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