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September 25, 2014 / Joanne Yeck

Rev. René Chastain (1741-1823)


Buckingham Baptist Church, Photo by Joanne Yeck


According to the website Chastaine Central:

Rene Chastain was born June 30 (or 28), 1741 in Virginia, a third generation American colonist. His father was Rene Chastain, Sr., one of three sons of Pierre Chastain, the immigrant, who survived to adulthood in the colonies. It is from these three brothers that most of us Chastains, Chasteens, Chesteens, Chastines, and perhaps Shasteens descend. Rene’s mother was Judith Martin Gevedon, daughter of John and Margaret Martin, and widow of Thomas Gevedon before marrying Rene Chastain, Sr. in 1732.

When Rene, Jr. was quite young, he accompanied his parents as they moved deeper into the Virginia wilderness into what would become Buckingham County. In that situation, Rene had no formal schooling, but as one writer notes: “Though his education was much neglected, his morals were of the most unimpeachable character.”

Ultimately, Rev. Rene Chastain (a.k.a. Rane Chastain) became the first pastor of Buckingham Baptist Church, serving there for fifty-three years.

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