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November 27, 2014 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Post Offices

Map_Virginia Postal Routes 1896_Buckingham_WP

Buckingham County Postal Map, 1896

During the 19th century, Post Offices (and often the stores or mills that housed them) came and went in Buckingham County.  In 1880-1881, Chataigne’s Virginia Business Directory and Gazetteer listed the post offices below. The Postmasters and Postmistresses were collected from the records of US Appointments of Postmasters available at

Beesville: Thomas H. Baber (1880)

Bolling’s Landing: Samuel L. Burks (1879) – To Payne’s P.O. (February 4, 1880)

Buckingham Court House: James H. Noble (1881)

Buckingham Mines: William Newton (1873), Discontinued July 5, 1881

Curdsville: Charles M. Garnett (1878)

Diana Mills: William Williams (1880)

Gary’s Store: Mary B. Anderson (1881)

Gilliamsville: William J. C. Goode (1875)

Glenmore: James B. Layne (1875)

Gold Hill: William C. Word (1881)

Gravel Hill: Mattie J. West (1875)

Mount Vinco: William O. Spencer (1874)

New Canton: John Davis (1876)

New Store: Louis D. Jones (1874)

Ore Bank: Littleberry B. Lesueur (1874)

Slate River Mills: Pattie W. Pryor (1881)

South Bangor: Edward R. Evans (1869), Discontinued as early as 1874 or as late as 1883.

Sycamore: Thomas W. Patteson (1876)

Thurston: Thomas G. Guthrie (1880)

Well Water: Alice Maxey (1876)

Compare this list to Buckingham Post Offices and Postmasters (1856) and the routes pictured above in 1896.


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  1. Hal Coleman / Nov 28 2014 9:37 am

    Curdsville Post Office has a rather interesting history as well. It was originally known as “Garnett’s store”. The property remained in the Garnett family from the early 1800’s (Alfred Cooke Garnett) until 2009 when the last descendant, Jane Garnett Moore passed. Several other Garnetts carried on the role as postmaster, Abraham Cooke (Abram) 1897, Thomas Sydney 1907, Annie Spencer 1943. Two of the Garnetts served in the Civil War (Abram and Tom). Abram owned the Curdsville Mill (1867) and two prominent farms, “Milford” and “Wheatland” at one time. Tom’s daughter, Francis Garnett Word, was a long time member of Enon Baptist Church, business teacher at BCHS, and long time assistant to Claude Anderson, former 5th district congressman.

    • Joanne Yeck / Nov 28 2014 9:44 am

      Hal, Many thanks for these details about the Curdsville Post Office! Joanne

      • Hal Coleman / Nov 28 2014 10:48 am

        After WWII, my dad rented the Curdsville P.O. building from the Garnett’s and operated a general store, Esso gas station, radio repairing shop and the Post Office until 1961. When I was an infant, he would put me in a display case to nap and the local folks would ask if I was for sale. Not sure what the product liability and refund policies were in those days but no doubt they would have returned me post haste if I had been sold. The display cases now reside in the “Housewright” museum in Buckingham C.H with some of the areas more valuable relics and artifacts.

    • Joanne Yeck / Nov 28 2014 11:48 am

      Hal, I know that display case! I sure hope there is a photo of you “for sale” in the window. What a great story! Joanne

  2. Jeremy Winfrey / Nov 28 2014 12:19 am

    Some additional information on a few of these people:

    Thomas Howard Baber (9 Jan 1851 – 30 Jun 1917) of Beesville, was the son of CSA veteran Robert L Baber and Margaret Jones. In the 1890’s following the death of his first wife Anna Stinson, he remarried Natalie Pillow of Petersburg and resided in Manchester, Va. Although he ultimately died in Varina, near Richmond, his obituary reports he was buried at the home cemetery in Buckingham County. Although many are buried in the R L Baber family cemetery, logging operations have destroyed the site and only Robert’s CSA stone remains. Thomas’ siblings and offspring continued to be integral parts of the Rock Island Creek “neighborhood” deep into the 20th century.

    Samuel Lewis Burks Jr (1848-1932), was the son of Samuel Lewis Burks Sr and Martha J Staton. Samuel and his 8 siblings grew up north of present day Rt 652, near Bolling’s vast 19th century tract, hence the PO’s namesake. This line of Burks helped populate the northern section of Buckingham into the 20th century, while others from this line removed to Nelson County. Samuel Jr married his neighbor Alice Virginia Payne. According to a descendant, Samuel Burks not only ran the post office for a while, he also owned the boat and mules that ran from Paynes Landing (his sister’s home) to Richmond. Once the canal was discontinued, he moved to Charlottesville and built a large home and mill. They are both buried at Riverview Cemetery in Charlottesville, Va. (photo attached)

    William Williams Sr (1834 – 27 Oct 1920), was the son of John Williams and Sarah Pirkey of Buckingham. Following his service for the CSA, he lived near Rt 652 north of Diana Mills with his wife Emily Jane Guthrie, and many children. Some daughters married into the nearby Tapscott, Bolling, and Taggart families and are all buried nearby. His sons relocated to Scottsville. William Sr has a CSA stone marking his grave at the Bolling Cemetery on Rt 652.

    James B Layne (b 1836) was the son of Lycergus Layne. He grew up between Muddy and Sharp Creeks, close to where present day Rt 701 intersects with Rt 622. His siblings and uncles remained in the area around Centenary into the 20th century. As an adult, he married Arriana ( possibly Booker) in Cumberland County. By 1875, his family was back in Buckingham, operating a store and post office at Glenmore on Rt 655.

    Alice Spencer Maxey (23 Feb 1847 – 22 Apr 1916) was the daughter of Nathan Spencer and Martha Meredith of Buckingham. She was the second wife of legendary Well Water resident Nathaniel F Maxey. She died in Louisa County and is buried at Elk Creek Baptist Church in Mineral, Va.

    • Joanne Yeck / Nov 28 2014 9:05 am

      Jeremy, Many thanks for these wonderful biographies of Buckingham County postmasters and Alice Maxey, postmistress. Samuel L. Burkes story was particularly interesting! Joanne

  3. Joanne Yeck / Nov 27 2014 10:16 am

    Patrick, Many thanks for your comment about the Saunders men. Charles S. Saunders of Chambers’ Mill Post Office is my ancestor. I’m still trying to connect him to the other Saunders of Buckingham County.

  4. PATRICK MURRAY / Nov 27 2014 10:10 am

    Thanks: If you have the book THE PAPERS OF RICHARD H. GILLIAM (1992) it lists 4
    Saunders: No Charles or WM. My ancestor is listed GEORGE TURNER PYLE. In the county
    Happy Turkey Day
    Patrick Murray SAR Nat’l No. 49310


  1. Postmaster Samuel L. Burks, Jr. | slate river ramblings . . . .

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