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February 23, 2015 / Joanne Yeck

Ridge Farm

Slate River Ramblings_Harris-Farm_2009_Marrs-Creek

Marrs Creek Bottom Lands, Photo by Joanne Yeck


In 1840, George M. Payne advertised the upcoming sale of his property, Ridge Farm, in the Richmond Whig:


I OFFER for sale Ridge Farm, on which I reside, in the county of Buckingham, three miles from James River, and about seven from Scottsville and Virginia Mills. This tract contains 781 acres, about 400 of which are open, and in a high state of improvement, yielding during the two years I have owned it in gross product, fully $6000 per annum. A good idea of the character of this land, is furnished to those acquainted with the Green Spring lands in Louisa, and the Big Level, near Buckingham Courthouse — it being the same range, and equal to the best portion of either. The improvements are comfortable, and the accommodation for a tobacco crop large. . . .

Terms will be accommodating, and a portion of the price will be received, if desired, in Mississippi or Arkansas Lands, and young Negroes. GEO. M. PAYNE

By 1845, the farm was owned by brothers John M. and James Harris. John M. Harris quickly advertised the opening of East Farm Female Seminary.


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