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April 9, 2015 / Joanne Yeck

Hatton Ferry

3_Ferry_004_Hatton_Winfrey_WW II_SRR

Left to right: Joseph Hill Winfrey Sr., James Benson Tindall, Jr., and Mathias Bolling Winfrey. Courtesy Jeremy Winfrey

When “At a Place Called Buckingham” ~ Volume Two went to press, the man in the middle in this photo was unidentified.

No longer unknown, Tom Schilder and Carolyn Winfrey Keller, daughter of Matt Winfrey, identified him as James Benson Tindall, Jr. (17 October 1915 – 2 July 2009).

For more about ferries in Buckingham County, see “Ferrying across the James River,” in “At a Place Called Buckingham” ~ Volume Two.

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