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April 16, 2015 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Notables: The Stanton Family

In 1850, a small group of Free Blacks were living in northern Buckingham County, including Isham Stanton, blacksmith, born about 1783.


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Following a recent post at Slate River Ramblings concerning the Stanton Family Cemetery, Bob Vernon shared more information, indicating that members of the Stanton family were living in Albemarle and Buckingham counties long before Daniel and Nancy Stanton purchased 46.5 acres of land from H. C. Hill in 1853.

A mulatto woman, Stande/Handle [?] Stanton, is mentioned in the Albemarle County inventory of the Estate of Thomas Phelps (14 November 1751). She was his property.

Buckingham County Personal Property Tax Records reveal the following free Stantons, responsible for their own taxes:

 1787: Stanton, Mathew (Mulatto) 1 tithe, 1 horse, 3 cattle

1793: Stanton, Matthew, 1 tithe, 2 horses

1795: Stanton, Matt (Mulatto), 1 tithe, 1 horse

1797: Stanton, Matt (M), Josias Cousins, 2 tithes, 2 horses

1799: Stanton, Matt (M), B. Cousins, 2 tithes, 2 horses

 In 1804, a Sonnet [?] Stanton appears on the tax list.

In 1809, Isham Stanton pays tax on himself for the first time.

In 1822, an Isham Stanton is identified as a blacksmith.

In 1825, a Matt Stanton is a “Waterman” and a Jim Stanton appears in the record.

For more information about Free Black families in Buckingham County visit Free African Americans.

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