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May 11, 2015 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Notables: Camm Patteson

Virginia_CapitolVirginia State Capitol


Over the decades, several members of the Patteson family had an impact far beyond the limits of Buckingham County. One was Captain Camm Patteson who lived at Sunnyside, near Howardsville.

On February 18, 1904, Richmond’s The Times-Dispatch announced that Captain Camm Patteson was hospitalized in Richmond:


Buckingham Senator Has Pneumonia and Is Very Sick Man.

 Captain Camm Patteson, of Buckingham county, member of the Senate of Virginia, is at St. Luke’s Hospital, and is a very ill man, according to the statement of a member of his family. Captain Patteson’s illness has been known for several days, but it was not known until yesterday that his condition was so serious. Inquiry at the hospital last night as to his condition elicited only the information that there was “nothing for publication.” Just what information was intended to be conveyed by that answer is difficult to say.

Mr. S.S.P. Patteson, brother of Captain Patteson, yesterday stated that the patient had pneumonia, and that his condition was so serious that his family had been notified, and were expected to come to this city.  At Captain Patteson’s age an illness like this is all the more alarming.

For nearly half a century Captain Patteson has been prominent in public life in this State. He is one of the old school Virginians and statesmen – a man of fine education and a thinker. Several times he has been prominently mentioned for Congress, and failed of obtaining his ambition only because of the abundance of strong men in the district. Years ago he served in the House of Delegates and later was elected to the State Senate.  His friends are still hopeful that he may recover.

Captain Patteson survived the pneumonia, a testament to his vigor in the days before penicillin.

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