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August 17, 2015 / Joanne Yeck

Edmund Wilcox Hubard, Democrat


Courtesy Historic Buckingham

The files at Historic Buckingham’s Housewright Museum include a broadside written by Edmund Wilcox Hubard. It not only captures his personality but also reveals the commanding position he held in Buckingham County politics for most of his long career as an attorney and politician:




Fellow Democrats:

                I hereby announce myself as a candidate of the nomination to the position of Commonwealth’s Attorney at the Democratic Primary Election on August 4, 1931.
                While I was prostrate in a hospital as a result of an operation, I was urged to become a candidate for Commonwealth’s Attorney at our last County Democratic Primary and was finally assured if I would simply allow the use of my name that my friends would do the rest, but realizing that a Public Office is a Public Trust, and not feeling satisfied at that time that I would be able to discharge the duties of that responsible position, I declined to become a candidate after expressing my deep sense of gratitude at the confidence and devotion thus manifested. But now I have fully regained my health and strength, and should it be your pleasure to nominate me, I solemnly obligate myself to discharge all of the duties of office to the best of my ability and you will receive the benefit of my long experience as a prosecutor.
                Six times I had opposition for the position of Commonwealth’s Attorney, and you endorsed my record by re-electing me each time by large majorities and elected me six times without opposition, and with a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude for those endorsements I am basing my claim of support in this canvass, as in all of my other contests, solely upon my record in office, for I have never assailed any candidate against me and will not do so in this canvass.
                Again assuring you of my deep gratitude in soliciting a continuance of your endorsement and support, I am
                                                                Gratefully your friend,
                                                                Edmund W. Hubard

In 1931, Hubard was about seventy-eight years old.

Click here to read more about Edmund W. Hubard.

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  1. DVF / Aug 17 2015 12:51 pm

    Neat! Seventy-eight years old! Hummm! And right now, I am thinking about retiring! LOL

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