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September 14, 2015 / Joanne Yeck

For Sale: Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute


Buckingham_Female Collegiate Institute

Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute

Following the Civil War, Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute struggled to maintain enrollment and meet its debt. In 1873, the property was advertised for sale in the Richmond newspapers:

BUCKINGHAM FEMALE COLLEGIATE INSTITUE FOR SALE – As commissioners of the Circuit Court of Buckingham, we are directed to sell the valuable property known as FEMALE COLLEGIATE INSTITUE. We will offer the same for sale APRIL 23d, 1873, at public auction on the premises at 12 M.

TERMS: So much cash as may be necessary to pay expenses of sale and costs of suit, the residue of the purchase money on a credit of one, two and three years, in equal instalments, with interest on each from day of sale. Bonds with good security for deferred payments, and title retained as additional security till further order of the court.

G. B. Hanes & F. D. Irving, Commissioners

Apparently, there was no need to describe the well-known property to prospective buyers.

For more about the first women’s college in Virginia consult, “A Noble Idea,” in “At a Place Called Buckingham.”

Also, enter Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute in the search box at Slate River Ramblings and enjoy the results!

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