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October 15, 2015 / Joanne Yeck

The Buckingham Whiskey Wars: Part VI


Remember the Ladies!

Interest was growing in Buckingham County’s fight against saloons.

In mid-June of 1903, Professor S. C. Mitchell, the president of Virginia’s Anti-Saloon League, delivered “a fine address to an enthusiastic audience” in Arvonia’s Williams’ Hall. Mitchell was introduced by Rev. Plummer Jones of Arvon Presbyterian Church. This address launched a series. The Buckingham County anti-salooners were bringing in the big guns and the headlines in Richmond’s Times-Dispatch were getting larger. On July 3, 1903, the newspaper announced:


The Drys Putting Up Fight in Buckingham.

Ladies Will Take Part

Open Headquarters in New Canton on Day of Election and Serve Refreshments –

Fourth of July to Be Celebrated.

. . . Mr. J.W. West, field secretary of the Anti-Saloon League of Virginia, has been in the district a week, speaking in churches, halls and on roadsides to large audiences of people, and has so enthused the temperance element that they claim certain victory on July 11th, when the election takes place.

On election day the young ladies of Arvonia, belonging principally to the Presbyterian and Baptist churches, will go to New Canton, the voting precinct, in a body, floating a banner and wearing streamer anti-saloon badges. They have secured a house and ground on the principal street in New Canton, and will there serve refreshments, such as ice cream, fruits, coffee, etc. to the friends of the temperance movement. It is understood that the ladies at Gold Hill, the other voting precinct, will proceed along similar lines.

The ladies of Buckingham County may not have secured the vote; however, they knew they were not without influence. Especially the pretty young ladies of Arvonia!

Coming next: From the Pulpit

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