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October 22, 2015 / Joanne Yeck

 The Buckingham Whiskey Wars: Part VIII

Buckingham_Whiskey_8_Whiskey Wins

Marshall District Votes

The wets won in Marshall District by three votes and it was front page news in the July 12th issue of Richmond’s Times-Dispatch:


The Wets Carry Marshall District by Three Majority.

A Great Surprise.

The short, but dramatic, notice reminded readers that there were two precincts in the district – New Canton and Gold Hill.

Buckingham County citizens were indeed surprised and on July 17th the newspaper updated the story: “The whiskey men carried the election in New Canton District, but the election is being contested on the grounds that some voted who had not right to do so.”

Littleberry Lesueur was celebrating. Would there be an investigation of the new registration process based on the revised Virginia Constitution?

Coming next: Illegal Ballots!

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