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December 30, 2015 / Joanne Yeck

EXTRA: Bank Robbery at Crozet

Extra_Bank of Crozet

Bank of Crozet, Courtesy Phil James Historical Images Collection and The Crozet Gazette

On September 23, 1908, Richmond’s The Times-Dispatch reported a robbery at the Bank of Crozet. Was it the work of the Zimmerman-Thomas Gang? The newspaper described the crime:

The Bank of Crozet was dynamited about 2:30 o’clock this morning and about $800 taken from the demolished safe, the door of which was blown off. The work was done by men who used sledges, crowbars and other tools procured from the Crozet blacksmith shop and the section house of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. There were a great many tools of this kind found on the premises….

Located about forty yards from the railway station, the bank was planning to move to a new headquarters in about ten days.

On September 30th, the newspaper continued the story saying that several suspects were being watched but no positive evidence had been produced to justify an arrest. The loss was now estimated at $1,000. Covered by the Maryland Casualty Company of Baltimore, the insurance for the robbery was settled immediately. A $100 reward was offered for “the arrest and conviction of each and every one connected with the burglary.”

If the Zimmerman-Thomas Gang was behind the robbery, indications are they were never officially charged.

Learn more about the Bank of Crozet in Phil James’ article: “Secrets of the Blue Ridge: Breaking the Bank, but not the Spirit, of Crozet”

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