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January 7, 2016 / Joanne Yeck

The Buckingham Outlaws: PART XIV


“Zimmerman Home and Headquarters of the Gang”

Wilkes-Barre Times (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)

Unrest in Buckingham

On October 2, 1908, The Farmville Herald printed a plaintive article, summarizing the desperate state of affairs in Buckingham County, Farmville’s neighbor to the north.


The citizens in and about Arvonia, Buckingham county, have been laboring under intense excitement for the past week, which began with the shooting from ambush of one of the prominent citizens of the community, Mr. N. M. Gregory. Since the “black hand” letters have been received, one of them by Rev. Plummer Jones, who was persuaded not to go to a regular preaching appointment on last Sunday, as the road leading to the church would have taken him through what is known as “enemy’s territory.” Two desperate white men seem to be leaders of the gang and have associated with them several negroes of bad reputation. Many or few they should be hunted down and promptly and properly dealt with.

We, as a people, are too busy to be wasting time on the lawless, the people who love and pursue peace should not be made targets for desperadoes. The wonder is that the citizens of our counties don’t realize the necessity of an organized military company at the most important business center in each county. The young men can be found to take pride in such an organization, and if properly encouraged will keep it in high state of efficiency. Such a body of men well armed and equipped, would one day relieve the situation in our sister county, restore peace, a sense of security and maintain them. To make such organizations as effective as they should be they should be generously and gratefully sustained by popular contributions.

We look upon the Farmville Guard as the strong arm upon which we lean, our best shield and surest protection.

Unquestionably, Buckingham County’s image as a peaceful, healthful place to live was beginning to tarnish.

Coming Next: “The Disgrace in Buckingham”

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