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January 14, 2016 / Joanne Yeck

The Buckingham Outlaws: PART XVI



Quiet Reigns Again

By October 3, 1908, reporters were grasping at rumors, keeping alive the story of Arvonia’s plight at the hands of these violent criminals as there seemed to be no new facts to report.

There was brief excitement when it was believed that one outlaw had been captured; however, this was unfounded. In fact, no arrests had been made.

More importantly, the news of Charles Newton’s death seemed to be untrue. He was seen at his home and could not account for the report of his death. Whose funeral was confused with one for Newton?

According to the Alexandria Gazette:

The other sensational report which gained credence yesterday to the effect that Mr. Charley Newton had been killed by the men has been utterly disproved. Mr. B. Johnson, of Arvonia, visited Mr. Newton in his home, near Payne’s Landing, yesterday afternoon, and found that he had not seen any member of the Zimmerman-Thomas party. He was at a loss to understand how such a report could have gotten out.

Weeks later, this apparent rumor of Newton’s death was still being repeated in out-of-state newspapers. Who would have started such a rumor and why?

The Alexandria Gazette also noted:

The people of Arvonia are greatly distressed that such a great sensation should have developed there. Arvonia is a thoroughly civilized place, with cultured and intelligent people.


As the days went by, the newspaper coverage of Arvonia and the outlaws grew shorter and further apart.

October 5th: The Alexandria Gazette admitted that the excitement had all but “died away in Arvonia.” The men had not been caught, though the newspaper suggested that secret work towards their apprehension continued.

October 7th: Sheriff Williams returned to his home at Diana Mills, stating that he believed the men were no longer in the county.

October 9th: N. M. Gregory was still alive, slowly recovering from his gunshot wound.

Coming Next: An Appeal for Help

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