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May 23, 2016 / Joanne Yeck

The Famous Forbes Case of Buckingham County: Part VII



A Second Warrant

In conjunction with the arrest of Cliff Wooldridge, a second warrant was issued for the arrest of Charlie Forbes, son of John S. Forbes, who was named as Wooldridge’s accomplice. Charlie Forbes had been missing since the day of the fires. Initially, people hesitated to suggest that Charlie could be involved. According to The Times-Dispatch, “his social standing, his age and previous relations toward the family” made such a suggestion “preposterous.” A man of “splendid physique and good appearance,” Charlie had a “retiring disposition” and was little known outside his immediate neighborhood.

Rumors spread that Charlie was dead, thus explaining why he had not returned home during his father’s last illness or for the funeral. Some believed his body had been destroyed and the remains were buried in his father’s grave. These rumors proved false when two young men in West Appomattox (unidentified by The Times-Dispatch) saw Charlie Forbes disembark from a Norfolk and Western train, hire a team, and drive off towards Buckingham County. They followed Charlie to the road leading to the house of E. C. Wooldridge, the Forbes’ nearest neighbor.

Telegrams were sent all along the Norfolk and Western Railroad, from Farmville to Lynchburg, and along the Chesapeake and Ohio, with orders to arrest Charlie Forbes on sight.

Coming Next: JAILED: Part I

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