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June 13, 2016 / Joanne Yeck

The Famous Forbes Case of Buckingham County: Part XIII



Shoes Fitted the Tracks

During the preliminary trial, a pair of brogans belonging to E. C. Wooldridge were brought into court as an exhibit. The tracks believed to be made the night of the fires had been measured. According to a special report in The Times-Dispatch, the shoes exactly matched the tracks made on John S. Forbes’ property.

Edloe Spencer continued his testimony saying that Wooldridge told him that Charlie Forbes had “got him into this.” Spencer himself was unclear as to whether Wooldridge meant that Charlie’s actions got him arrested or involved him in the crime. In either case, Spencer said that Wooldridge talked too much. The Times-Dispatch explained, quoting Spencer’s memory of the day of the arrest:

[Wooldridge] showed excitement; he attempted to read a letter and was too nervous to complete it. He went in the house, dressed and told the youngest child good-bye, Wooldridge’s wife said: “Charlie Forbes gave his father money in the morning, and came back that night and got it.” Her husband told her to hush.

The correspondent for The Times-Dispatch observed Wooldridge’s behavior during the preliminary trial:

The accused was not looking well when he arrived from Farmville this morning, but seemed to brighten up and took a keen interest in the examination of the witness. He himself at one time wanted to take a hand in the cross examination of a witness for the Commonwealth.

Wooldridge, it seemed, took a very peculiar attitude towards his case and had to suppress his experience as an attorney.

Coming Next: The Case of Charlie Forbes

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