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March 7, 2017 / Joanne Yeck

Virginia Women in History: Louise Harrison McCraw



This month, Buckingham Notable Louise Harrison McCraw will be posthumously honored by the Library of Virginia as one of 2017’s Virginia Women in History.


Louise Harrison McCraw (1893–1975) was born in Buckingham County at the McCraw homeplace, The Pines, near Andersonville. From the age of five, Louise knew she wanted to be a writer. In 1911, she graduated from the Woman’s College of Richmond with a Bachelor of Letters degree. By 1920, she was a Grammar School teacher in Buckingham McCraw_Louise Harrisonand, sometime before 1925, Louise returned to Richmond where she and her sister, Elizabeth “Bessie” McCraw (1888–1941), lived in a boarding house on Park Ave. in the city’s Fan District. Bessie worked as a hospital nurse and Louise became a librarian.

As co-founder of Richmond’s Braille Circulating Library and the author of a dozen inspirational novels, Louise positively impacted thousands of people during her lifetime and left a legacy of service that deserves recognition.

You can read more about her in this month’s Buckingham Beacon.  If you aren’t able to pick up a copy, you can download a PDF at Fluvanna Review.

The award ceremony and reception will take place on Thursday evening, March 30th, at the Library of Virginia, 800 East Broad Street, Richmond. There is no charge for the event.  Visit the Library’s website for detailed information:

Virginia Women in History.

This post at Slate River includes a short biography and a list of the novels of Louise Harrison McCraw:

Buckingham Notables: Louise Harrison McCraw

You can also learn much more about Louise Harrison McCraw and her “Life of Service” in my book:

“At a Place Called Buckingham,” Volume Two (Slate River Press, 2015).



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