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May 29, 2017 / Joanne Yeck

Four Weddings in Arvonia


The following news, sent from Arvonia, Buckingham County, Virginia on November 4, 1894, to the Welsh-American newspaper, Y Drych (The Mirror), printed on November 8th:

October was an exceptional month, as many as four weddings took place here; namely 10 Oct., Willie Lloyd, son of John Lloyd, with Miss Mary Jones, daughter of Gwilym Jones; 17, W.W. Hughes with Miss Maude Edwards; also A.J. Pierce with Miss Sallie Chambers; 23, W.W. Griffith and Miss Maggie S. Jones. The ceremonies were officiated by the Rev. W.H. Wilson at the Presbyterians’ chapel, which had been done up beautifully with a variety of white and green flowers. They all went on honeymoon to Richmond; by now they’ve come back, and are starting to show everyone what they can do in their houses.

Miss Sallie W. Chambers, daughter of George and Sallie (Chambers) Chambers was born in Buckingham in about 1867.  Her new husband, Americus John Pierce was born in Buckingham on November 19, 1860. His parents were Elizabeth and William Pierce.  The young couple were married on October 17, 1894.

If you know more about the other brides and grooms, please comment.


Many thanks to Iwan Hughes for the translation!

Click here to learn more about the Welsh-American newspaper, Y Drych (The Mirror).


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  1. Edward H Elliman / May 31 2017 5:57 am

    Interesting, Joanne. I knew a Gwilym Jones who was a wildlife biologist (now retired) at Northeastern University. Not a name you see every day…perhaps a descendant…


    • Joanne Yeck / May 31 2017 10:28 am

      Definitely not a name you see every day in the USA. Unless, perhaps, in Wales. In English, it’s Bill Jones. Pretty common! Joanne


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