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June 19, 2017 / Joanne Yeck

Will the Real Mr. Rives Please Stand Up?

William Cabell Rives. Courtesy Small Special Collections, University of Virginia.


In March 2017, I misidentified the Mr. Rives who was fêted at Buckingham Courthouse and have now corrected those two posts. To find out more about the political festival and the true identity of Mr. Rives, click on the links below:

Festival at Buckingham Court House: Part I

Festival at Buckingham Court House: Part II

In July of 1840, it was indeed an enthusiastic gathering of Buckingham County’s devoted Whigs and Conservatives. Below I have added some of the “volunteer toasts,” saluting not only the honored guest but alsomany other politicians the men admired, while condemning some they detested.  My ancestor, Col. John M. Harris, went even further, raising a glass to all noble, surviving men of the American Revolution. A very lengthy report was reprinted in The Lynchburg Virginian on July 27, 1840.


By Capt. Thos. Miller. The union of the Whigs and Conservatives for the sake of the Union.

By E. A. Cabell. The People of Buckingham: Famed not less for their hospitality and intelligence than for their devotion to the true principle of Republican liberty.

By R. Ivanhoe Cocke. The patriotism of the honest yeomanry will prove, in November next, the Mount Ararat on which are political arc may rest in safety.

E. H. Moseley. Thomas Jefferson: That great advocate of civil and religious freedom, and founder of the University of Virginia.

By Alexander Moseley of Buckingham. John Tyler: His opponents charge him with being a slaveholder, in order to secure the abolition vote to Mr. Van Buren, who can see nothing in the testimony of a free negro against a white man to call for his interference.

By F. B. Scruggs. Henry Clay: Guided by the integrity of his own bosom, sustained in his efforts alone by the mastery of his own intellectual greatness, he has risen superior to every obstacle, and will deserve, if he does not receive, in 1844, the highest office in the gift of a free people.

By R. E. Moseley. Our distinguished guest, W. C. Rives: The freemen of Old Dominion delight to honor, and will sustain him in his efforts to bridle Executive usurpations.

By J. K. Irving. Wm. C. Rives: The edict of power has gone forth for his destruction, but the People have recalled that edict, and will change the victim.

By N. B. Tapscott. Our guest, Wm. C. Rives. The brightest star in the political horizon.

By Col. John M. Harris. Virginia: She has nothing to fear whilst we have so many Revolutionary soldiers and officers alive to cheer us, and while aided by our highly distinguished guest, Wm. C. Rives. Hurrah for Harrison and Tyler!

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