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July 3, 2017 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Notables: Randolph Jefferson

Courtesy Virginia Chronicle, Library of Virginia

In 1911, very little was widely known about Thomas Jefferson’s only brother, Randolph, and what was printed was error-ridden.  For example, this answer to a query to the Richmond Times Dispatch, published on August 13, 1911, must have disappointed Mrs. D. P. S. if she was looking for a connection to Randolph Jefferson in order to join the Daughters of the American Revolution:

Richmond, Va., October 21, 1910

Editor Genealogical Column:

Did Thomas Jefferson have more than one brother, Randolph?  Did Randolph Jefferson aid, in any way, in the “Revolution”? To whom was Randolph Jefferson married and did he have any sons?  If so, what were their names and what can you tell me of their descendants? 



Randolph Jefferson was the only brother to arrive at maturity.  He was born in 1755.  He had a twin sister, Hannah Scott Jefferson.  The largest number of Jeffersons are descended from Field Jefferson, of Roanoke. I can find no record of the Revolutionary service of Randolph Jefferson.  Randolph Jefferson married, but I find no record of the names of his wife or his children. 



Can you spot the errors?

RJ’s sister was Anna Scott Jefferson.

RJ’s uncle, Field Jefferson, was of Mecklenburg/Lunenburg County.

RJ served the American Revolution several ways, including riding with Capt. Thomas Nelson.

RJ married his first cousin, Anne Lewis.

For much more about Randolph Jefferson and his family, consult: The Jefferson Brothers.


Happy Independence Day!

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