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August 14, 2017 / Joanne Yeck

Slate River Mills Destroyed

Slate River Mills. Courtesy Historic Buckingham.

In August of 1908, the Appomattox and Buckingham Times reported the disastrous burning of Slate River Mills.

Slate River Mills with about 7000 bushels of wheat was destroyed by fire Sunday night. Origin of fire not known – – fire discovered about ten o’clock Sunday night, too late to save any thing. Mail and everything in the post office destroyed. There was no insurance. The loss of the mill falls heavy on the owners and the loss of the wheat heavily on the farmers who had stored it there and it seems as if most every one had some wheat there. The owners of the property speak hopefully of rebuilding but the historic old mill is a thing of the past.

In October of 1908, the newspaper followed with this update:

The owners of the mill property set to work to rebuild Slate River Mills. The building is to be erected further from the river than the burnt building and is to be constructed with the view of having machinery of much more capacity than was the old mill.

It is curious that the owners of Slate River Mills were not named by the newspaper. According to a notice in the Richmond Times Dispatch, the Dowdy family sold the mill to James L. Anderson in 1903, for $4,100.

For more about the history of Slate River Mills, search Slate River Ramblings.


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