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September 14, 2017 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Notables: F. N. Maxey, Freemason

Taylor Lodge. Courtesy Jeremy Winfrey


In early 1904, a few months following Frank N. Maxey’s death, the Appomattox and Buckingham Times printed a salute to this well-loved man, sent from his Masonic Lodge brothers. It read as follows:

In Memoriam.

Whereas it has pleased the All-wise to remove from us our beloved Brother, F. N. Maxey, the oldest member of our Lodge from time to eternity

Resolved. That the members of Taylor No. 117 A. F. and A. M. bow with humble submission to the will of our Heavenly Father, trusting and fully believing that our loss is his eternal gain.

2nd. That to the bereaved wife of our beloved Brother who mourns the loss of a kind and affectionate husband, we offer our sincere and heartfelt sympathy.

3rd. That in the death of Brother Maxey, the county has lost a true and loyal citizen, Sharon Church a faithful worker and a true christian gentleman. Our Brother lived not for self alone, but spent his life and means for the upbuilding of the community in which he lived. He was a Mason 63 [?] years and lived to the old age of 83 years, and died trusting in the faith of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

M. L. A. Moseley, Robt. M. Agee, Robt. B. Agee, Committee.


M. L. A. “Matt” Moseley was the executor of Frank N. Maxey’s estate and, in early 1904, in an effort to settle the estate, was still advertising in the Appomattox and Buckingham Times, addressing Maxey’s creditors and individuals indebted to him.

There is no doubt that Frank Maxey was an unusually generous and ingenious citizen of Buckingham County. How unfortunate that he had no children of his own and that his two adopted nephews died during the Civil War. In a way, all of the Well Water community became his children and benefited from his largess.

To learn more about the life of F. N. Maxey and the unusual details of his death, please consult:

“F. N. Maxey and His Community at Well Water,” in “At a Place Called Buckingham.”

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