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September 28, 2017 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County Horse Breeding: Young Red Eye

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In the spring of 1857, Edward A. Blanton of Cumberland County, Virginia advertised in Richmond’s Whig concerning the availability of his stud horse Young Red Eye:

THIS distinguished foul geiler and thorough-bred Horse, will stand at Brown’s Church, and Cumberland and at Farmville, and pass through several points in Buckingham county, where he will meet mares for the convenience of both parties. Gentlemen entering mares will please enter their TERMS in a book carried by the Groom, (Joe.)

TERMS. —$6 cash, single leap; $12 the season — discharged by $10 within the season; and $20 to insure. Mares parted with, forfeits the insurance. $1.00 to his faithful Groom. I have put the prices thus low because I wished the horse to further establish himself as a fine foal getter, notwithstanding his colts now rank higher and are valued at higher prices than those of any other horse within my acquaintance — for instance: one of his colts sold at the last Fair in Richmond for the sum of $410, and purchased by the French Counsel, and sent off to his Imperial Majesty in order to procure the stock.

Mr. Blanton went on to mention M. M. Johns, Esq., of Buckingham County who owned one of Young Red Eye’s colts, as well as N. H. Jackson, Esq. and B. W. Davidson, Esq. (both presumably of Buckingham County) who also owned colts by the stallion.

Young Red Eye’s lineage was impressive. He was sired by Star of the East, he by Telemachus, he by Dungannon, he by imported Bedford, out of Overton filly, she by Boxer and Star of the East, dam Penelope, she by the American Eagle, he by Imported Eagle, he by Vollnter [?], a son of Eclipse of England; Red Eye’s dam by Young Enquirer, and he by old Enquirer, of South Carolina, etc., etc.

For more pedigree information, Mr. Blanton referred readers to the Stud Book, “where they will find this horse to be crossed with the best stock of the most noted horses of England and America….”

Click here for more about Star of the East.



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