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October 9, 2017 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Notable: Alexander Smith

 Alexander Cheatwood Smith. Courtesy Bell Family Collection. 

Digital restoration by Robert Harris.

On July 5, 1774, my ancestor Alexander Smith received 390 acres in Buckingham County, Virginia from then Governor Dunmore. Price: Forty shillings of good and lawful money. Located on Walton’s Fork of the Slate River, his neighbors were among others, the Patteson family.

When I first learned I had a Smith line, my response was: “This is going to be a nightmare.” With some help from my cousins, my work turned out to be remarkably easy. If you are the only Smith in the neighborhood, tracing the family is not so hard.

Alexander Cheatwood Smith (1790–1839), above, was the grandson of Alexander Smith. Born in Buckingham County, he grew to be a very successful merchant in Cartersville, Cumberland County, Virginia.


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  1. Bill Davidson / Oct 10 2017 10:44 am

    I see on RootsWeb’s WorldConnect that some show Alexander Cheatwood Smith as a son of Alexander Smith and Diana Phelps, while some others show instead that Alexander Cheatwood Smith was a son of Jacob Smith and Mary Ann Bailey….where that Jacob Smith was a SON of Alexander Smith and Diana Phelps. In addition, some show that the older Alexander Smith was a son of a Shadrack Smith (whose father is not listed) and Mary Byrd, while others show instead that the older Alexander Smith was a son of John Smith and Jane Childress….and a grandson of Humphrey Smith and Mary Childress. I am not sure what is correct, but maybe other readers know for sure. As I recall, a descendant of Humphrey Smith named Samuel Smith married a Davidson woman in a “branch” of my Davidson family that was out of Buckingham Co., VA (that “branch.” headed by Josiah Davidson, Junior and Elizabeth Hardeman/Hardiman, had moved to Limestone Co., AL).

    • Joanne Yeck / Oct 10 2017 10:58 am

      Bill, So we are Smith cousins. Did we know that? I’m confident that Alexander Cheatwood Smith is the son of Jacob Smith and Mary Ann Bailey and that Jacob is the son of Buckingham County pioneer, Alexander Smith. Thanks for the details about your line. Joanne

      • Bill Davidson / Oct 10 2017 2:40 pm

        I am not a descendant of that Smith family; they just married into another “branch” of my overall Davidson family. That “branch” of my family traces back to the David Davidson who was on the Buckingham Co., VA tithe list in 1764….and my ggggg-grandfather Hezekiah Davidson (died in Cumberland Co., VA around 1793) was an apparent BROTHER of that David Davidson (Y DNA testing and “conventional research” make it clear that David and Hezekiah were closely related in some way, and I suspect that they were brothers….ditto the William Davidson “Senior” and Edward Davidson who were also on that same 1764 Buckingham tithe list). If your Alexander Smith was truly a descendant of the Childress/Childers family, however, then we are probably “blood cousins” via that Childers family….since my ggggg-grandmother (Hezekiah’s wife) was Mrs. Tabitha (Childers) Davidson (a daughter of Abraham Childers “III” and Elizabeth Cannon).

        I am now reminded that the Samuel Smith who married (as his second wife, as I recall) Mary Ann Davidson in my overall Davidson family was a son of Uriah Smith, and that Uriah Smith was a son of a Robert Smith. Y DNA testing shows that this Robert Smith was somehow related to Humphrey Smith/John Smith/Alexander Smith/Jacob Smith/Alexander Cheatwood Smith (if that is truly the correct lineage)….but it appears that no one is positive as to just HOW Robert Smith was related to them (but I have not done a thorough review of the available information).

    • Joanne Yeck / Oct 10 2017 4:59 pm

      Bill, I’m fairly confident that Alexander Smith is the son of John Smith of Goochland County. John Smith’s will, 28 February 1757, is recorded in Cumberland County Will Book 1, p. 125. It names a son “Alacksander” and a son “Childers,” supporting the belief that John’s wife was Jane Childers.

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