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November 23, 2017 / Joanne Yeck

Reconstruction in Buckingham County, Part V

Courtesy Carl Weaver, Find A Grave.

To catch up, follow this link: Reconstruction in Buckingham County, Part I

The next name on Jordan’s list is very-well known in, and far beyond, Buckingham County. Alexander J. Bondurant was the son of Thomas Moseley Bondurant, publisher of Richmond’s Whig. By 1870, he had removed to Nelson County, thus, did not remain active in politics in Buckingham. Again, his service for the Confederate States of America, would seem to make him a peculiar entry on Lt. Jordan’s list.

In 1868, Alexander J. Bondurant served the county as a Superintendent for District No. 2.

In March of 1910, his brief obituary was printed in Lynchburg, Virginia. It reads as follows:

 A. J. Bondurant, Lynchburg.

Lynchburg, Va., March 7. — Alexander J. Bondurant, of Buckingham County, Virginia, aged seventy-four, died here today of appendicitis. He served in the civil war in Malone’s brigade, and from 1896 to 1901 was a tobacco expert in Victoria, Australia. Since that time he had been professor of agriculture at the Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Last year he celebrated his golden wedding, and his wife survives. Among the surviving children are A. L. Bondurant, professor of Latin at Mississippi University, and G. P. Bondurant, an attorney-at-law at Birmingham, Ala.

For much more about this family, put Bondurant in the search box at Slate River Ramblings and enjoy the results.

Coming next: Reconstruction in Buckingham County, Part V

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