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January 29, 2018 / Joanne Yeck

Arvon Presbyterian Church: The Early Years

Courtesy The Daily Progress.

In 1959, Mrs. R. J. Wojnicki described the early years of Arvon Presbyterian Church in her article for Charlottesville’s Daily Progress, “Welch quarrymen organized church in Buckingham”:

Arvon Presbyterian Church was constructed on land donated by the Slate Corporation of Edwards and Roberts. Much of the material used in its construction was given by the people of the community.

The Rev. W. H. Wilson became pastor in 1890, a short while before the completion of the new church. The church was dedicated November 23, 1890, by Rev. W. W. Moore, D. D., of the Union Theological Seminary.

A series of pastors followed and, in 1904, Rev. Plummer F. Jones became the regular pastor. Rev. Jones was also an official weather observer. Click here for more Buckingham County: Earthquakes.

Many church records from the early years survive, and as with other churches at that time, members were suspended for infractions such as drunkenness or profanity. Those accused who failed to explain their misconduct were dismissed from the church.

Coming next: Buckingham Notable: Mrs. Owen John Williams


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