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May 3, 2018 / Joanne Yeck

Jefferson Tidbits: Mount Walla Cemetery, Part I

Peter Field Jefferson, Jr. gravestone. Photo by Joanne Yeck.

In 1836, Randolph Jefferson’s son, Peter Field Jefferson purchased Mount Walla, a dwelling house sitting high above the town of Scottsville, Virginia. Over eighty acres came with it, providing an orchard, room for a substantial kitchen garden, and plenty of timber for Jefferson and his family.

He lived there the remainder of his life, dying in 1861. His widow, Jane Woodson (Lewis) Jefferson, remained until her death in 1864. Mount Walla was inherited by their grandson, Peter V. Foland, and Jefferson descendants retained the house until 1951.

A well-maintained cemetery, within sight of the dwelling, is surrounded by a decorative iron fence and contains numerous Jefferson family graves. While it is presumed that Peter Field and his wife, Jane, are buried there, to my knowledge, their graves are unidentified.

Their son, Peter Field Jefferson, Jr., and his wife, Elizabeth, are remembered with the marker pictured above, probably placed there in the 20th century. They both died just outside of Scottsville, at Bleak Hill, the Jefferson home at Albemarle Mills (a.k.a. Jefferson Mills). Elizabeth A. (Wood) Jefferson died in 1876 and Peter Field Jefferson, Jr. followed her in 1881.

Learn more about Bleak Hill and Jefferson Mills in my newest book: Peter Field Jefferson: Dark Prince of Scottsville & Lost Jeffersons.

Coming next: Mount Walla Cemetery, Part II

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