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July 26, 2018 / Joanne Yeck

Scottsville: Tragic Suicide


In February of 1925, the Richmond Times-Dispatch printed the shocking story of a Scottsville banker, Englishman Jacinto V. Pereira, who committed suicide by leaping from an upper story porch at the Traveler’s Rest Inn, one of Scottsville’s hotels. Friends speculated that he was depressed, particularly over a litigation brought against him by attorney Frank C. Moon, who had died the previous month. The lawsuit stretched back to 1916 and a judgment had finally been rendered in favor of Moon, who was awarded $4,000. Surely, there was a connection between Moon’s death and Pereira’s despair.

The article reported that Moon had died in Amherst County.

Frank Moon’s obituary was published in the newspaper on January 17, 1925:

FORMER SENATOR DIES. Frank C. Moon, Prominent Lynchburg Lawyer, Expires.

For more, including a beautiful photo of J. V. Pereira, visit Scottsville Museum’s website:

Jacinto V. Pereira, Bank President.

If a Slate River Ramblings reader knows more about the relationship between Pereira and Moon, please comment.

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