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August 6, 2018 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham County, 1908: Part II

Photo by Joanne L. Yeck

In December of 1908, the Appomattox and Buckingham Times printed lengthy correspondence from Buckingham County, including news of the successful tobacco market.

It is a matter of congratulation that the Dillwyn tobacco market has afforded such good prices for tobacco as were paid there last week. The prices seem to have been better than those reported from any market in the State and it is to be hoped that the prices may continue good and that a home market may be built up there that will save the long haul over bad roads to other markets. I for one will take pleasure in giving the market a trial, and from the list of farmers who have patronized this market it seems that some of the very best planters in the country have already sold there. There is no doubt that the fact that the bulk of the tobacco crop has been sold in Farmville for many years, but the bulk of what is now in the hands of planters will go to Dillwyn if the prices are up there, and down in Farmville.

Coming next: Buckingham County, 1908: Part III

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