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September 13, 2018 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Notables: The Jones Family of New Store, Part VI

The Presbyterian of the South. Courtesy Library of Virginia.


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A deacon of the New Store Presbyterian Church, Louis Dibrell Jones rated a lengthy obituary in The Presbyterian of the South, published on July 19, 1911.


Was one of the most widely known citizens of Buckingham county. His sudden death, which occurred at his home at New Store, Va., removes from our midst one who will be greatly missed by his family, church and community.

Mr. Jones was born near the home in which he died on January 2, 1837, and thus was at the time of his death in his 75th year. In 1859 he became united in marriage with Miss Louise Flippen of Powhatan County, who for fifty-two years has been a true [help-mate] to her husband, and a wise and helpful as well as affectionate mother to her children. Soon after his marriage Mr. Jones united with the membership of New Store Presbyterian Church. Connection with the church has been marked by faithfulness in attendance upon the services of the sanctuary. He was very seldom absent from his accustomed place, and sometimes he would be present when many would have pleaded the excuse of sickness. At the time of his death he held the office of deacon, in which office he had served his church for many years.

In his home life Mr. Jones was a kind and thoughtful husband, and indulgent father. The home has been one of refinement and culture, in which the most lavish and generous hospitality has always prevailed.

New Store Presbyterian Church.  Courtesy Maysville Presbyterian Church.

Mr. Jones was an interesting conversationalist, and his store of information concerning Buckingham County and her citizens for many generations was very extensive. He took a great delight in entertaining his friends and showing them his relics of which he had a large collection. All who came to his house were made to feel welcome. Many of the ministers in our church cherish a pleasant remembrance of the kind hospitality which they have enjoyed in this New Store home.

From early manhood Mr. Jones held the office of Justice of the Peace. In this office it was his custom, whenever possible, when disputes were brought to him for settlement to use his influence to get the parties to settle their difficulties by agreement among themselves and thus avoid the expense and publicity of a trial. For several years he served efficiently as a member of the county board of supervisors from Francisco district.

He leaves a widow and twelve children, eight sons and four daughters, all of whom have received the advantages of good education and are men and women of wide influence. Six of his sons are professional men, one of them, Rev. Plummer F. Jones is a Presbyterian minister and resides in Arvonia, Va. Three of his daughters are graduates of the State Normal School at Farmville, Va.

Burial services were held at his late home on June 24, which were present a large number of friends and acquaintances. All his children were present except his son Henry, who was very ill at his home in St. Charles, Mo. His remains were interred in the old family burial grounds near his late home, his grave was literally covered with flowers.

By his pastor, C. M. Barrell.

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