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November 19, 2018 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Notables: John Horsley, Part Four

This Horsley Family Cemetery sits close to the James River.

The Horsleys owned land on both sides of the river and in it!

Need to catch up? Click here: Buckingham Notables: John Horsley, Part One

I am always delighted when posts at Slate River Ramblings result in additional information from readers. Replying to “Buckingham Notables: John Horsley,” Karen Lucas Williams wrote that she had compiled information about this Horsley family who were neighbors and associates of her Spiller family, early settlers in Buckingham/Amherst/Nelson counties. Karen wrote:

John (ca 1787-1851) was the son of William Andrew Horsley (ca 1745-1791), of Horsley Island, and wife, Martha Megginson (ca 1747-1793). John was married in 1819 to Mary Mildred Cabell (1802-1880), daughter of Frederick Cabell and Alice Winston. John was also married, apparently first, to Philadelphia Hamilton Dunscombe, ca 1814.

In regards to his mother, Martha Megginson: Her father, Col. William Megginson (1715-ca 1762), purchased 580 ac. of land from Mrs. Elizabeth Cabell in 1739, on the south side of the James river at Greenway Station, to which he afterwards added over 2,000 ac., and called the estate “Clover Plains;” after the year 1761 his lands were in Buckingham Co.

Was “Horsley Island” the island still being worked by John Horsley’s slave Robin in the 1830s?

Coming next: A Jefferson Connection.

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