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November 29, 2018 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Slate: Jones, Roberts, and Evans vs Pitts

Quarrymen at “The Big Quarry,” beside Hunts Creek and next to the old railroad station.
Courtesy Robert Jeffery.

In December 1911, Richmond’s Times-Dispatch reported the conclusion of a lawsuit concerning a property line running through slate quarries located in Arvonia, Buckingham County. The announcement read as follows:

The case of Jones, Roberts, Evans et als. against A. L. Pitts, which occupied a special session of Buckingham court all last week, was brought to a conclusion on Friday night, when the jury brought in a verdict in favor of the claims of A. L. Pitts. The suit was brought to determine a property line between the two parties, and settled a matter of long contention. The line in question passes through a very valuable Slate field, and in one case cuts off the end of an actively worked slate quarry, now in the hands of Buckingham Slate Company a Richmond Corporation, which has been doing business in this field for seven or eight years. The slate lands of A. L. Pitts formally belonged to Col. Fontaine, who owned large properties here. These properties cross the Buckingham slate vein between Arvonia and Bridgeport station, 2 miles on the north. Attorney Frank C. Moon represented Jones, Evans et als., and Attorneys A. L. Pitts, Jr. and Edmund W. Hubard represented A. L. Pitts.

For much more about Edmund W. Hubard enter his name in the search box at Slate River Ramblings and enjoy the results.

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