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December 10, 2018 / Joanne Yeck

Buckingham Notables: John Tanner Claiborne

Edward Bushrod Stahlman (1843-1930), Publisher of the Nashville Banner.

Courtesy Wikipedia.

Recently, I heard from a Slate River Ramblings reader who expanded on posts about Oak Grove Academy and its founder John Tanner Claiborne (1801–1864).

In 1850, John T. Claiborne headed Oak Grove Academy. Ten male pupils lived with his family in Buckingham County. By 1860, Claiborne and his family had removed to Nashville, Tennessee, where they purchased a boardinghouse. There he continued to teach English Grammar, supporting his wife Sarah Anne (Bransford) and five daughters.

Previously, Mr. Claiborne had taught at Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute, which his two eldest daughters, Eliza Frances “Fannie” and Laura Virginia Claiborne, attended. As was the case with many young ladies educated there, their experience set them apart from the other girls of the day. Fannie married John Wilson Otley and their daughter, Louise, attended Longwood College, becoming a schoolteacher in Augusta County, Virginia, continuing the Claiborne family value of higher education for women.

The Claibornes’ youngest daughter, Mary Tanner called “Molly” (b. November 5, 1848/49 in Buckingham County), married Edward Bushrod Stahlman, a German immigrant, self-made man, and publisher of the Nashville Banner for forty-four years.

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