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February 25, 2019 / Joanne Yeck

The Buckingham Road Revisited, Part II

Did the “Buckingham Road” once run through New Store?

Was it the stage line mentioned here?

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The conversation continued as to whether or not the Buckingham Road ever ran in Buckingham County, probably distinct from the thoroughfare studied by Dr. Agnes Gish in her exhaustive book, Virginia Taverns, Ordinaries and Coffee Houses: 18th–Early 19th Century Entertainment Along the Buckingham Road.

Slate River Ramblings reader Randy Crouse provided some fascinating information, writing:

I have been working on a new book, which is almost complete, that is a transcription of every news article regarding Buckingham county from 1736 to 1850. I have read thousands upon thousands of articles in dozens of newspapers, especially the Va. Gazette and numerous Richmond papers.

The Buckingham road is mentioned from very early on, including as part of a stage line that runs through Buckingham county, makes stops in Buckingham county (New Store and or New Canton I believe) and mentions Taverns and Inns in Buckingham county situated upon this road. Stage lines used the road going from Richmond to Lynchburg via Buckingham.

Coming next: The Buckingham Road Revisited, Part III


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  1. Randy C / Feb 26 2019 11:09 pm

    In my new book, “Freshest Advices, Buckingham County Virginia Genealogical Records from Newspapers, 1736-1850” will be found two articles that settle this question very satisfactorily.

    Here is a transcription of one of them:
    Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Hunter), Williamsburg, December 19, 1777. pg. 2, col. 1.
    HUNTINGTOUR, Decr 9, 1777.
    To be rented on Saturday the 27th instant; to the highest Bidder, for one Year, the hotel Ordinary, Storehouse, Merchant House, &c. known by the Name of the New Store; 25 Bushels of Wheat is sowed on the Place, and a fine Peach Orchard, it lies on the great Buckingham Road, about 12 miles above Mr. Wright’s Ordinary, in Cumberland, the Dwelling house has 5 Rooms on the lower Floor. ANTHONY WINSTON.
    The 2nd article is lengthier, but says virtually the same… i.e that New Store is within sight of where the “great Buckingham Road joins the Guinea Road”

    The book is eminently readable and far more than a list of records, it is packed with entertaining, and fascinating information. I have arrived at an entirely new understanding of life in early Virginia, after a year of daily reading of more than 100 years of dozens of newspapers that I have thoroughly enjoyed.
    This book, with more than a thousand articles and notices, hundreds of Buckingham people, a trove of valuable genealogical data, some articles naming entire extended families, weddings, deaths, important events, all the minutiae of everyday life and cares, is a fascinating window into the life of early Buckingham county with more than 500 pages, will be available at in early summer. I will notify Joanne when it is available.
    Randy F. McNew Crouse.

    • Joanne Yeck / Feb 27 2019 6:13 am

      Many thanks for adding these examples to the Buckingham Road conversation. More to come!
      An increasing number of Slate River Ramblings readers are asking about your forthcoming book. We all look forward to summer and its completion.
      Newspapers are indeed the first draft of history!

  2. Harry Stuart Holman / Feb 25 2019 11:54 am

    Dear Reader,

    One of the main stops on this road was at Appomattox C.H. The stop has been known as Clover Hill Tavern, which originates back to 1819 and is the oldest structure in that town. It was built by the Pattesons who were the first cousins of Alexander C. and Henry Smith of Cartersville, Va.

    Harry Stuart Holman

    • Joanne Yeck / Feb 26 2019 6:23 am

      Thanks, Harry, for adding this to our growing knowledge of the Buckingham Road. Joanne

  3. Renee Penland Pyles / Feb 25 2019 8:20 am

    Will you let us know when Randy’s book is for sale. I have ancestors that lived in New Canton around 1800 and this might help us in the search. Thanks.

    Renee Penland Pyles

    • Joanne Yeck / Feb 25 2019 8:31 am

      Renee, Many thanks for your comment. Many of us are interested in Randy’s forthcoming book. When there is more information, I will post it.


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