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June 6, 2019 / Joanne Yeck

For Sale: Virginia Mills, Buckingham County


In the Spring of 1816, Richmond’s Enquirer printed the following “for sale” notice for Virginia Mills:


That well-known and valuable property, the VIRGINIA MILLS, — Situated in the County of Buckingham, about sixty miles above Richmond, upon the Slate River, a mile from its junction with James River, which is navigable in all seasons to the Mill door.

This establishment consists of a substantial stone house, seventy feet long, by forty wide, and five stories high — with 4 pair of 5 feet Burr stones, and all the necessary machinery for manufacturing flour upon the latest and most improved plan; a Saw-Mill capable of doing as much as any other, (the neighborhood affording a sufficiency of timber to keep it constantly going, which is brought to the mill to be sawed on shares.)

The dwelling house is handsomely situated; half a mile from the Mill; with every necessary building for the comfortable accommodation of a small family. — At the Mill is a good store house and counting-room, miller’s house, cooper’s shop, &c.

It is thought unnecessary to mention in an advertisement that many advantages this property possesses over any other of its kind in the upper country, it is presumed those disposed to purchase such property, will first review the same, when the terms, which shall be liberal, will be made known by the subscriber.


To learn more about the property, click here: Buckingham Mills: Virginia Mills


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